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Get MMS V3.2 Features

Finally! The process to receive an MMS on the iPhone has been simplified. Start receiving MMS msgs now!!

Download MMS from AT&T's MMS Site! View and Save Images and even get to listen to MMS Audio Attachments!!!

Ever get a text with a message id and password asking you to go to viewmymessage.com to view your MMS message?

Throw away your pencil and paper! You don't need a computer anymore to get your messages because now there is the "Get MMS" App!


✔ Use a screenshot to enter user info
✔ Save the MMS image to your Photo Library
✔ Listen to MMS quicktime compatible audio
✔ Get MMS Support available via email


This App will only work if you are receiving MMS notification messages. If you experience problems receiving notifications please contact AT&T directly.

This app does not send MMS messages. To send MMS messages use the App "Fetch MMS". This application is to get mms messages that were sent to you.



(link will open iTunes App Store)