Quick Start Guide

Thank you for downloading Print from the App Store!

With the Print App you can print and share documents and files with your iPhone (including the new iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus), iPad (including the new iPad Pro and iPad Air) and iPod Touch.

Follow the instructions below or read the documentation included with the application to start printing and sharing documents with your device.

** For best performance: Ensure that your device has iOS 9 or greater

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Adding documents to Print

There are three easy ways to add documents and files to Print:

1. Add e-mail attachments
From Mail.app on your device tap and hold with your finger on thefilename of the file that you received in an email. Select Open In Print. A copy of the file will be added to Print.

2. Add files from other Apps
You may have files stored with other Applications on our device andwish to interact with them. To add these files to print select "Open In" or "Share" to access this menu and select Print. Each Applicationis different so be sure to consult the appropriate documentation for the software.

3. Add files via iTunes File Sharing
If your device is connected to your computer and iTunes is running youare ready to begin. Select your device from the iTunes sidebar. Select Apps. Scroll down to File Sharing and select Print. Drag the files youwish to add to Print from your desktop or another window into the box. You can also click the Browse button to manually navigate yourcomputers file system to select the files you wish to add.

Sharing stored documents & files

Once you have added a few files to Print you now have the ability to share any of the files via e-mail with the accounts you have setup inMail.app. To do this tap and hold on the icon to to the left of the filename of the file you want to send. There will be a brief animatedtransition to a new mail message. Input the appropriate fields to ensure proper delivery and tap Send. This feature requires that youhave an activate account configured on the device using Mail.app, the default Mail App for iOS.

Printing your documents & files

To Print a document and file from your iPhone or iPad follow the instructions below:

- Tap the name of the file you want to Print
- Tap the share icon in the top right corner
- Select Print
- Choose Number of Copies, Range, etc.,
- Tap Print to send to your Printer

The print job should begin immediately on your printer pending any other printing tasks that may have higher priority. If your printer isnot initially detected or you receive the message "Printer not found" ensure that you have enabled the AirPrint service on your computer.Printing tasks are sent without modification to ensure the highest possible printing quality from your wireless device.

Deleting or Removing a file

If you've added a document or file and no longer need it on your device you can easily delete it by swiping across the filename area from rightto left. A red delete button will appear. Press this button if you are sure you want to delete the file or document. This action is notreversible.

The Power of Pro

Upgrade to Pro to removeapplication restrictions and to enable custom personalization options. Upgrading also helps us bring you future updates and improvements. Aswe explore new features Pro users will gain access to these benefits before non-pro users. ToUpgrade to Pro:

Select Menu > Upgrade to Pro > Upgrade

Important: If you encounter any issues contact our support team for assistance. Be sure to include your printer make and model in your correspondence. Contact us by clicking here.


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